Johnathon Strube

Only In This Moment … Can We Be Together?!


Poster as self-portrait conceptually exploring assemblage as the physical and cognitive condition that defines a graphic designer within society and culture.

As a conceptual framework and formal constraint, I use assemblage in making connections physical. I engage in the making process and prepare content for production: type selection, formal investigation, concept development, and physical output to establish a specific and distilled presentation. For content, I look to American society and culture, and typography is co-opted from mass media. A language that is battered, bruised, torn, and tormented is re-assembled in pursuit of a metaphoric and literal objective. The process observed in the making and the result.

The result asks and answers a pointed question in a social climate where righteous indignation rules the day. This a rhetorical statement in a time where truth is spun out of thin air rather than crafted from experience. A dubious reminder that every interaction, or perceived intention, is another chance to be better than before—the true measure of character. A moment to accept or reject, to be present, to listen, to see, to think, to engage, to remember, to be human, to be an American, and to be me.

© Johnathon Strube, 1982–2024 Email
© Johnathon Strube, 1982–2024 Email