Johnathon Strube

AIGA-UNO Handbill


When I became AIGA–UNO’s faculty advisor in fall 2019, I created a small batch of handbills to publicize a welcome event. Bills were created to advertise the initial member meeting and welcome new members to the student group. Bills were placed throughout the School of the Arts building and distributed during classes.

The handbill concept was based on the singular defining the many. Individual letterforms are created with a single, continuous line. Letterforms then overlap and gather in proximity. Color is used to distinguish the linguistic differences and visually encode members and non-members. AIGA members are one color and collectively gathered, while UNO students are a separate color on the edges. Two distinct groups merging in support of communication.

Columnar Structure
To create the layout structure, a 16-column grid was built from a one-half inch square proportion. The proportion was built from the symmetric proportion defined in the national AIGA logo. Custom letterforms were then placed to sub-divide or relate to column widths.
Risograph Production
Handbills were printed using photo-reproduction techniques and tools. Using a Risograph and evoking activist distribution—fast, multi-color prints were quickly distributed to engage an audience. Typography-based communication rendered clarity and access.
© Johnathon Strube, 1982–2024 Email
© Johnathon Strube, 1982–2024 Email